Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kylie graduates from Kinder Gym

After 3 years in gymnastics, Kylie has moved on to a pre-competitive team. She gets to wear a team leotard and learn routines, but she does not yet compete. She keeps getting better and better and wants to stick with it. It is fun to watch her improve and grow in the sport.

Grant and Ben loved watching their big sister!

Getting ready to go on the balance beam

Getting her medal

Kylie's Graduation

On Friday, Kylie graduated from Kindergarten with a little program and ceremony. She was in a group that did a hula dance to music from "Lilo and Stitch" and did such a great job! She had a great year learning to read and write. She has come a long way and a lot of the credit goes to her teacher, Mrs. Jenkins. She is the best teacher! It was really fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Weston at the graduation as well.

Mrs. Jenkins and Kylie
The graduate!

Dan and Grant enjoying the program

Rees Carnival

Every year Rees Elementary has a fundraising Carnival. We all went as a family and had a fun time. The kids always get their faces painted and play all the little games for prizes. We are already looking forward to next year!

Our little sunshine
3 little cuties

Mom and Grant

Ben turns 4!

Ben turned 4 on May 15. He is such a great kid that makes us laugh everyday! He wanted to have a Mickey Mouse party and although only 2 kids could come, we still had a great time. Dan even turned the playground into the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". His favorite gift was his new bike which he can already ride without training wheels! We love our little Benjamin!

Birthday breakfast
Ben is all ready for the party

The birthday table

The 4 year old!

Blowing out the candle
The 'clubhouse'

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Ben graduated from his first year of "Just Imagine Preschool" yesterday. I feel like he was just born and then I blinked and he is doing his preschool program. His part was "Will everyone please stand for the pledge of allegiance" and then he led the audience in the pledge. He was so cute and did a great job. I am really proud of him and all that he has learned this year. He is very good at writing his name ("Benjamin" not just Ben) and knows all of his colors and shapes. He is very excited to have one more year with Miss Tiffany!

The handsome graduate

He wanted to pose all over the yard

Waiting to say his part

Lining up to get his diploma

What a ham!


Ben with Miss Tiffany