Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

We had such a great Thanksgiving. We hosted at our house because I have 3 siblings (plus spouses/fiances) that go to BYU. My parents flew out and we had so much fun. Dan and I made our first "real" turkey. We usually just order a pre-cooked one from Honeybaked Ham, but this year it just wasn't going to be enough to feed everyone. We got an 18 pound turkey and it came out perfect! We had 12 people total and I wish I had taken a picture of how we all fit in our kitchen. It was definitely cozy! I didn't get a lot of pictures since it was such a busy day, but from the couple I got, you can tell we had a great time. After dinner, we went to the new theater by the University Mall and saw Madagascar 2. I highly recommend it, that movie is hilarious, even for adults. Throughout the week with my parents here we shopped, ate, saw a few movies and ATE!

Kylie and Ben at the kids table
Ben was attacking Uncle Brian
(laying on the ground)

Amanda sitting next to the appetizer table.
(We made 7 layer dip, apple dip and a cheese ball for Dan)

My parents playing Princess checkers with Kylie
(somehow she always won :) )

Saturday, November 22, 2008

November Card

This is probably one of my favorite cards. I just love Christmas and it was a lot of fun to make. We had such a great time going out to dinner together, too. Now its time to get a jump on December's card before things get too busy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 Years Later . . .

About 6 years ago, when Bradley was 8 months old, he was pulling himself up with his teeth on our garbage can. Since the garbage can was empty, he and it went flying backwards. One of his two new little baby teeth popped right out. The first picture is him with his little lion he got at the dentist's office. He has had his special gap tooth smile since he was little. Fast forward 6 years and he came home from school yesterday and announced that he finally lost another tooth. He can now be officially added to the first grade tooth chart (who wouldn't want that!) I asked him how much he thought the tooth fairy would bring and he said, "I don't know, maybe 20 bucks." Are you crazy?! You aren't getting the Beverly Hills tooth fairy. I told him it was more likely that he would get a dollar and he was pleasantly surprised when the generous tooth fairy gave him $2.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smarty Pants!

Last week Bradley came home with another Eagle Award. He was so excited! He was called up in an assembly and was only 1 of 2 kids in his class to receive one. On the paper that came with the award his teacher wrote, "Bradley Weston is receiving this Eagle Award for Learning for his outstanding progress in reading and math and the excitement he shows in learning. I am so proud of him and the progress that he is making." Dan and I told him that we were so proud of him and he smiled and said, "I know!" I guess we'll be having a Family Home Evening on humility next. Here are the pictures that Bradley and Kylie took (which is why they are a little blurry):

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"The heat is on!"

I normally only post cute pictures of my kids and family, but there is something on my mind that I feel really strongly about. As most of you know, Prop 8, which protects families and marriage, was just passed in CA. Today on the news I see that people are protesting in large numbers outside the Los Angeles temple and my mom told me that for awhile protestors were blocking the entrance to the Oakland Temple. At first I just felt angry, but now I feel more resolved than ever to look to the Prophet and the leaders of the church for guidance. These times are crazy and it's only going to get worse. We have to be willing to stand up and protect marriage regardless of how many people scream in our faces and call us "bigots". (Actually happened to my mom) I was sent this quote and found it extremely comforting:

This came from the Feb. 1979 Ensign.

'Make no mistake about it, brothers and sisters, in the months and years ahead, events are likely to require each member to decide whether or not he will follow the First Presidency. Members will find it more difficult to halt longer between two opinions. President Marion G. Romney said, many years ago, that he had 'never hesitated to follow the counsel of the Authorities of the Church even though it crossed my social, professional or political life.' 'This is hard doctrine, but it is particularly vital doctrine in a society which is becoming more wicked. In short, brothers and sisters, not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ includes not being ashamed of the prophets of Jesus Christ. . . . Your discipleship may see the time when such religious convictions are discounted. . . . This new irreligious imperialism seeks to disallow certain opinions simply because those opinions grow out of religious convictions. 'Resistance to abortion will be seen as primitive.. Concern over the institution of the family will be viewed as untrendy and unenlightened....Before the ultimate victory of the forces of righteousness, some skirmishes will be lost. Even in these, however, let us leave a record so that the choices are clear, letting others do as they will in the face of prophetic counsel. There will also be times, happily, when a minor defeat seems probable, but others will step forward, having been rallied to rightness by what we do. We will know the joy, on occasion, of having awakened a slumbering majority of the decent people of all races and creeds which was, till then, unconscious of itself. Jesus said that when the fig trees put forth their leaves, 'summer is nigh.' Thus warned that summer is upon us, let us not then complain of the heat.'
--- Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Sorry for such a long post, but I just feel such a strong conviction to stand with the Church right now even though the Church's point of view is going to become increasingly unpopular. Tell me what you all think!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

This Halloween was fun and busy like all Halloweens are. Bradley got to walk to school in his costume and he was very excited. He really wanted to be Indiana Jones for Halloween, but since our Target was out and I didn't want to order one for $40 online, he agreed to be a "Bony Jack Sparrow" (much cheaper!). I think he looked great and he ended up loving it. Dan was able to get off early and went with me to the Costume Parade at his elementary school. When we got home I quickly made some yummy chicken noodle soup and pumpkin muffins which we had to eat at 4:00 to be on time to our trunk or treat. We had such a great time and I think everyone really loved being outside (normally we do it in the cultural hall). The weather was perfect. After that we decided to take the kids to a few houses to get the "real" trick or treat experience, but Kylie and Ben only lasted 2 blocks before they were done. When we got home they all sorted their candy into piles (why, I don't know), chose one piece and then off to bed. Whew, what a night!

The neighborhood gang

Jack Sparrow in the parade

Alice in Wonderland, Jack Sparrow and a ninja

Posing at the Trunk or Treat

Showing off their loot

One very tired ninja