Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pre Christmas Fun

Before our family came for Christmas we went to Temple Square to see the lights with our friends. It has become a tradition to eat dinner at Rubio's in American Fork and then go see the lights and get some hot chocolate. It was not freezing this year and we really enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights.
December also marked a big milestone for Grant--he turned 18 months which means NURSERY!! Unfortunately he isn't nearly as excited about it as we are and hasn't stayed more than 10 minutes before he is brought to us screaming. Oh well, I know he'll go eventually!
One other tradition that we have is matching Christmas clothes. The kids are such good sports about this and I thought they looked so handsome/pretty! Here are a few random pictures from the beginning of December.
Temple Square 2010

1st day of nursery
(that smile didn't last long once we left him)

Cute kids

Bradley turns 9

Bradley turned 9 years old on December 18 and since he had a big party last year, we kept it low key this year. He invited 2 friends (Jacob and Peyton) over for pizza and a sleepover. He got some great gifts including a wii game and his new cub scout book/hat/neckerchief. The boys had fun staying up late and playing computer and wii games. These boys are so tech savvy that I decided to make "computer" cupcakes. They were a big hit!

Opening presents

"computer" cupcakes

This month, Bradley also had the opportunity to go on the 3rd grade field trip to Soldier Hollow for cross country skiing. Dan was able to go as well and said that Bradley was a natural. I thought it was such a great idea to keep the kids active and experience something like that.

It's about time!

Life has been busy these last couple of months and we have a lot to catch up on! In November we drove to CA to spend Thanksgiving with our families which was an adventure in itself. We got snowed in at Reno so we stopped and stayed at the Circus Circus. The kids loved it and it was a nice break from driving. We were able to see both the Westons and Phillippis and we are so grateful to our families for letting us come visit. I didn't get many pictures, but both of our parents did so you can find them here and here. We had a ton of good food and fun! At first I thought that long of a trip wasn't worth it, but I was wrong and we had a great time!

The last 150 miles on the drive back looked like this
(We only could go about 35 mph)

We made our annual trip to the Silveyville Christmas Tree farm