Sunday, January 24, 2010

Growing up!

Bradley and Kylie seem to growing up so fast lately. Last week, Bradley started Cub Scouts and earned another Eagle Award at school for being an excellent student. Kylie lost her first tooth and is really starting to read well. Here are a couple pictures of the big kids!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years

On New Year's Eve we went to Nut Tree where they had face painting and other activities for the kids. We also went bowling and then had a family party at the house where we did a countdown at 9 pm because it was Midnight in New York. Grant loved blowing on the horns! We had such a great vacation and loved seeing our families!

My brother Matt and his wife Alyssa holding Grant
Ben stayed very still
(This lady was a little eccentric!)
He got a snake with snowflakes

I'm not sure what Kylie's was supposed to be, but it had a rainbow and hearts so she was happy

Bradley with his snake and snowflakes



Bradley was so frustrated because he got 9 pins almost every time

My boys minus Ben

Christmas Day and Bradley's Baptism

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all of the traditions. We continued another one on Christmas morning when all of the kids went into my sisters room and she read to them Luke 2. This was at 6 am, Melissa and Taylor were such good sports! I used to do this for my brothers and sisters and now I passed the torch to her to read to my kids. Afterwards we all run downstairs to open presents. This Christmas Day was especially meaningful because Bradley chose to be baptized that day. It was such a nice way to spend Christmas and really keep in mind the true meaning of the day.

Because we have so much family in Northern CA we decided to have Bradley's baptism there. He was baptized in the same font that I was. My Dad and Dan's Dad gave the Baptism and Holy Ghost talks. It was very personal and special for Bradley. After the baptism we had a nice dinner of soup, bread and dessert. Thank you to my Mom and Dan's Mom for all the work they did to put that together! I was so grateful for all the family that came and supported Bradley!

Christmas Eve

On the 23rd we drove to Dan's parents and sister to spend the night. We always have such a great time with them. Kylie's cousin Paige is her age and the only girl surrounded by brothers. They are 2 peas in a pod! We could not resist the gorgeous weather so we took the kids to this great park right across the street. I loved watching them play with their cousins!

The Princesses

The 8 year olds

Ben was in his element

Grant loved his first time in a swing!

He was so happy to be out of the car!

My sister-in-laws had this great activity for the kids of decorating rice krispie treat houses. It was fun and way easier than gingerbread!

On Christmas Eve we drove back to my parents house for more fun! Every year Santa visits and the kids love it. My mom also put together a Christmas play complete with costumes. Grant was baby Jesus and he was so cute just cooing in the "manger". Afterwards the grandkids all change into matching pjs and open cousin gifts and then its off to bed. It is a really long day, but its worth it!

All the cousins with Santa
Ben's turn

Bradley as Joseph and Ben was a shepherd

Kylie was one of the "Heavenly Hosts".
(That is actually my baptism dress!)

Ben was a little crabby by this point.

Christmas Break 2009

For Christmas we went to CA to spend it with family. It was such a nice break and as you can tell from the pictures it was fun to spend some of it outside! We spent the first couple of days just hanging out, shopping and getting ready for Christmas. My parents took the kids to the park while Dan and I got some last minute gifts. We also kept up a 20 year long tradition of going to Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a tree (or 2) for the kids to decorate. Afterwards we always go out to dinner at Chevy's (yum!).

Grandma and Grandpa let Ben pick out a tree because he was sure he had the "perfect" one!
All the grandkids

Dan in his Giants jacket and my dad with his Dodgers santa hat!