Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Day and Bradley's Baptism

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all of the traditions. We continued another one on Christmas morning when all of the kids went into my sisters room and she read to them Luke 2. This was at 6 am, Melissa and Taylor were such good sports! I used to do this for my brothers and sisters and now I passed the torch to her to read to my kids. Afterwards we all run downstairs to open presents. This Christmas Day was especially meaningful because Bradley chose to be baptized that day. It was such a nice way to spend Christmas and really keep in mind the true meaning of the day.

Because we have so much family in Northern CA we decided to have Bradley's baptism there. He was baptized in the same font that I was. My Dad and Dan's Dad gave the Baptism and Holy Ghost talks. It was very personal and special for Bradley. After the baptism we had a nice dinner of soup, bread and dessert. Thank you to my Mom and Dan's Mom for all the work they did to put that together! I was so grateful for all the family that came and supported Bradley!

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Valeri said...

What a tender tradition to have! It's amazing to think of Melissa as the "big sister". I still picture her a little girl!

Seeing the Nut Tree, 1st ward and lots of familiar faces really made me miss Vacaville. It's been too long since I visited!