Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Ben's turn!

Ben had to wait 2 1/2 weeks after Bradley and Kylie before he started preschool. He was so excited when the wait was finally over. He has Miss Tiffany again for the 2nd year and I know he is going to have a great year. Ben is getting to be such a big kid!

Labor Day Hike to the 'Y'

The title pretty much tells it all. On Labor Day we took the kids on a hike up to the 'Y' in Provo. I have lived in UT for 13 years and had never done it so it was fun to experience with the kids for the first time. The hike is a little over a mile and rises over 900 feet. It was tough, but the kids were all troopers. The Y was actually a little crowded because so many Freshman wards were doing the hike as well. We had fun and the view from the top was gorgeous! It would be fun to do it again sometime, but not for awhile!

When we started we were all freezing, but it didn't take long to work up a sweat.

Grant had a sweet ride

The view from midway

This was a funny sight.
(I really don't know how someone got this up there)
View from the top

We made it!

Sitting on the 'Y'

Proof that I made it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Bradley and Kylie both started school last week. Bradley is in 3rd grade and Kylie is in 1st grade. They both love their classes and were excited to get back. Kylie said the highlight of her first day was seeing Bradley on the playground! I'm glad these 2 are such good friends and Bradley really watches out for his little sister! The last 3 pictures are mostly for my mom to see Kylie in different outfits. She is quite the 1st grade fashionista!

Zen Ben and other summer silliness

The rest of the summer was spent hanging out at home. The kids loved playing outside and Dan even slept on the trampoline with them. (They made it until 4 am when Dan was too freezing to stay out there any longer!) The next day we went on a hike up Payson canyon to the Grotto (waterfall) and then spent a few hours at Payson Lake. It was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun just relaxing while the kids played in the water. It was a fun way to end the summer! The first 2 pictures are of the boys acting silly in the front yard. We found Ben like this while people were walking by! He was cracking everyone up and Bradley got in on the action posing as the Statue of Liberty.

Mom Weston's 70th Birthday!

The end of the trip we spent celebrating Mom Weston's birthday. It was a surprise birthday party and unfortunately Dan and I were very sick the day before and didn't get many pictures. Dan's parents took a lot of pictures and posted them here. It was a really fun day and the first time in a long time that all 8 siblings were together.

San Francisco Zoo and Beach

While we were in CA we spent a day in San Francisco at the Zoo and the beach flying kites. It was a great day and the kids had a lot of fun. It was surprisingly cold and windy for the end of July, but we just bundled up. The rest of the time we spent swimming, shopping and eating. Not a bad vacation!

Finally a summer blog post!

This summer has been crazy and now that school has started I figured it was time to start blogging again. In July the 3 older kids flew with my mom to cousin camp. She posted all about it here and they had a great time! While they were gone we painted the living room and celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary at the Melting Pot. After cousin camp was over we drove to CA and stayed for a week of vacation and to celebrate Dan's moms 70th birthday. Here are a couple pictures of the living room: