Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Hike to the 'Y'

The title pretty much tells it all. On Labor Day we took the kids on a hike up to the 'Y' in Provo. I have lived in UT for 13 years and had never done it so it was fun to experience with the kids for the first time. The hike is a little over a mile and rises over 900 feet. It was tough, but the kids were all troopers. The Y was actually a little crowded because so many Freshman wards were doing the hike as well. We had fun and the view from the top was gorgeous! It would be fun to do it again sometime, but not for awhile!

When we started we were all freezing, but it didn't take long to work up a sweat.

Grant had a sweet ride

The view from midway

This was a funny sight.
(I really don't know how someone got this up there)
View from the top

We made it!

Sitting on the 'Y'

Proof that I made it!


Fred & Charlene said...

We commend all of you!! You are great hikers!!

Kirsten said...

Good Job! I have done it once and I need to take my kids sometime!