Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bon Voyage, Boxxes!

Our good friends, the Boxxes, are moving in a couple weeks so we thought we needed to have a going away BBQ. We had the best time and if it wasn't to say to goodbye, it would have been the perfect night. The weather was perfect in the high 60's and we were all able to eat out in the backyard. Everyone brought camping chairs or blankets and we had a big picnic! The final count was 37. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade rootbeer, brownies and everyone contributed the salads, chips and a cake! It was so delicious!! The kids were able to jump on the trampoline, play on the playground and they even started a little football game. We brought out Dan's basketball hoop game and it was fun to watch the different competitions. It was so great to get a bunch of friends together for a chance to say goodbye to the Boxxes! We are going to miss them!

Dan manned the grill

The spread

Bradley's best friend, Peyton
(He is going to really miss him)

The tiki torches in the background kept the bugs away

Ben's Big Week

Ben graduated from his 2nd year of Preschool on May 12. He did so well on his part and sang all the songs with gusto! He is such a funny little guy and it has been fun to watch him grow and learn. On May 15, Ben turned 5! He got a new bike and helmet since he had outgrown his little 12 in. bike. He also got his own pop up tent with play camping gear and Darth Vader clothes for his build-a-bear. We will also celebrate his birthday at Disneyland in a couple weeks, where he wants to buy a "real light saber"! It's hard to believe he is 5 and getting ready for kindergarten! We can't wait to see what the next 5 years brings. We love you, Ben!

Hershey Track Meet

On May 3rd, Bradley competed in his first track meet. Through qualifying races at school, he was able to compete in 4 events. The 400 m, 100 m, standing long jump, and the 4x100m relay. I was able to take the little boys and we went and watched for a couple hours. Bradley did really well! He came in 3rd in his heats for both the 400 and the 100 and his relay team placed 1st! That event was later on in the day, so I missed it, but he was so excited about the win. I'm proud of him and I know that this is only the first of many track meets that I will go to in the coming years! I better keep my sun block and umbrella handy!!

Bradley and friends eating lunch in between races
(Zander, Peyton, Bradley and Isaac)

Getting ready for his first race of the day
(400 m)

Standing long jump