Friday, April 30, 2010

April Card

Card group this month was at my house and, as always, we had a blast. I love these girls and I am so glad that I can keep in touch with them! The theme was mother's/father's day and most of us chose Mother's Day. Let's face it, girlie cards are just more fun to make! Here is the flower pot card I made:

We have grass!

The title says it all! We are so excited to have our yard in. We still have to do a fence and want to add a deck, etc., etc., but we have a huge chunk out of the way. It is so nice not to have dirt and dust dragged into the house. Before the grass was put in we spent a lot of time planting, adding mulch and finishing the play area (thanks mom and dad!). I think it looks awesome and it is a dream come true to have a big backyard where the kids can run and play!


For Spring Break Dan's sister and her family came to visit and see the sights in Utah. Between their 6 kids and our 4 it was a packed house! 7 of the boys slept in the same room and Bradley and Ben even slept in sleeping bags instead of in their beds. Grant slept in his own room and the 2 girls (or should I say princesses!) shared Kylie's room. Sunday we spent the day watching Conference, Monday we went to BYU for lunch and bowling, Tuesday we went to the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi and then Cafe Rio for dinner and Wednesday we went to Salt Lake to tour the Conference Center and Temple Square. The kids were all so well behaved and it was so much fun to have them stay with us! Tyler and Amanda-I hope you guys plan on coming back because the kids are already looking forward to next year!

The boys lined up like little sardines
The girls started out this way, but ended up sharing the bed!

Posing in front of the shark

Digging for fossils

What a cute little archeologist!

Ben riding the dinosaur

Dan and Grant just hanging out

On top of the Conference Center
Salt Lake Temple

The Fam

Easter Saturday

Whew, I have a lot of catching up to do! April has been such a packed, but really fun month. This year the Easter bunny came on Friday night because the Eccles were coming to stay with us on Saturday. The kids all went looking for their baskets and it was a little trickier this year in the new house because of all the space! Bradley's was hidden behind the living room couch, Kylie's was in the oven, Ben's was in the hall closet and Grant's was in the family room. After finding the baskets, everybody ate a ton of jelly beans and chocolate and then we got ready for the cousins!

The Easter Bunny brought some funny masks
Kylie displaying her basket

Bradley found his basket

Grant found a sucker that one of the kids had dropped and I had to take a picture before I took it away!