Friday, April 30, 2010

We have grass!

The title says it all! We are so excited to have our yard in. We still have to do a fence and want to add a deck, etc., etc., but we have a huge chunk out of the way. It is so nice not to have dirt and dust dragged into the house. Before the grass was put in we spent a lot of time planting, adding mulch and finishing the play area (thanks mom and dad!). I think it looks awesome and it is a dream come true to have a big backyard where the kids can run and play!


Fred & Charlene said...

Your home and lawn are beautiful!!

momtherunner said...


Megan said...

Looks awesome. I want to see pics of the play land. My kids and I are jealous.

Sylvia said...

You guys have done such a great job with your new home. Everything is so nice. Have fun mowing that yard Dan!