Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last but not least

Ben finally started Preschool today! The kids have been in school for a couple of weeks now and he has been itching to go. He woke up this morning and got all of this school clothes on, including his backpack. Unfortunately, he has afternoon preschool so he had quite a wait. He looked so handsome in his new clothes and he couldn't have been more excited! I walked him in to his classroom and when it was time for me to leave he stood up like he was coming with me, but I told him I'd be back and he seemed ok with that. I know he'll have a great time, I just hope he keeps his clothes on!!

What a grown up kid!
He loves his monster backpack

Miss Tiffany
(I've heard such great things about her!)


Sylvia said...

Ben, you are such a cutie! Hope you had fun with "Miss Tiffy" :)

Fred & Charlene said...

WOW!! Ben you are so handsome in your new school clothes. You have such a neat backpack!!
Have a great pre-school year!!