Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Even though this week has been really crazy, we took some time out from packing to go trick or treating. The kids had a blast dressing up...Bradley was Storm Shadow (from G.I. Joe), Kylie was a cheerleader (from High School Musical), Ben was Harry Potter and Grant was a monkey. We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat at 4:00, came home and ate dinner and then went trick or treating with our friends in our new neighborhood. The kids got so much candy and had fun running from house to house. Grant did pretty well, he just fell asleep in the stroller.
Earlier in the week, the 3 older kids had Halloween parties at school. I included pictures from that as well.

Ben's Preschool class

I love the look on his face

Checking out his loot

Bradley in his school parade
(Kindergarten had the day off so Kylie wasn't in it)


Austin Sheens said...

Abby wore the exact same costume as Kylie to her school's trunk or treat!

Fred & Charlene said...

Kylie definitely needs to be in the H. S. musical!! She is so darling!!
Storm Shadow, Harry Potter, and the little monkey are adorable!! Such cute halloween pictures.

malpat said...

Lots of fun. Have you taught the principle of tithing using Halloween Candy?! Great for parents...

Megan said...

I just love Halloween. Your kids looked great. Growing up I loved the candy organizing at the end of the day. I can't believe I haven't continued the tradition with my kids.

deBBie said...

I browsed into your blog by hitting "next blog" from my fathers. ( It was fun to think "These guys look like mormons" and then see the picture of Jesus and the temple etc.
You have a lovely famlily.