Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moab Trip

Last weekend we went to Moab as a family to cheer on Dan in a half marathon. We decided to make a little vacation out of it and see the sights. On Friday the kids didn't have school so we drove down and went to Arches National Park. It was really beautiful and had a lot of cool hikes that we'll have to try when Grant is a little bigger. The kids loved the Balanced Rock and of course the Visitors Center. The next morning while Dan went to his race I took the kids back to see a few more sights. Afterwards we got lunch and went to wait at the finish line. It was very exciting watching all the runners come in and Bradley and Kylie tried to see how many high fives they could get. Dan did a great job! He even had enough energy to take us all to Canyonlands National Park on the way home. Unfortunately our camera ran out of batteries so we didn't get any pictures of that, but we definitely plan to go back soon!

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch
(This is on the UT license plate)

Up close

Wolfe Cabin

Window Rock

Dan at the finish line!

Dan and his work buddies that also ran the race

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