Sunday, July 4, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Kylie and Bradley just finished up a riveting season of T-ball and baseball. Kylie played for the "Red Hots" and did really well. After every hit she would look at us and wave as she ran down to first base. She was an aggressive fielder, to the point where she would push teammates out of her way to get the ball. She's looking forward to playing again next season.
Concentrating as she slugs away

She loved getting our attention during the games

Bradley played coach pitch for the Royals, and he improved a lot during the season. He is really starting to understand the rules and loves to hit. He's looking forward to playing next year when the kids pitch.
Grant loved watching the games, not usually shirtless, but this game he made a mess with some cookies.


Patsy said...

It is so fun to see your children's progress and excitement for the game!

Fred & Charlene said...

You have some great athletes!!
Please give them cheers for us!!

Patsy said...

Darling new picture of your children!!