Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Dan and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going out to dinner at Outback and seeing the movie "Just Go With It" on the Saturday before. We had a great time and decided to do something fun for the kids on February 14. I used the idea I found here and we had our very own Mystery Dinner. Bradley got an ice cream sundae as part of his 1st course and the kids loved it! I set the table with a red tablecloth and candles and Kylie told me it was 'almost like a fancy restaurant!' Thanks, Kylie! We got the kids these stuffed animals and a chocolate heart from See's.

filling out their menus

The mystery menu
Answer key to menu:

Puppy love= Orange crush
Cupid's Arrow=toothpick
Love Trouble=jam
Rising Love=biscuit
Melted Hearts=spaghetti sauce
Angel's Coiffure=angel hair pasta
Kissing and Hugging=spoon
Girls Best Friend=carrots
Cold Shoulder=ice cream sundae
Heart Breaker=knife
Lots o' pickup lines=shredded cheese


Amanda said...

Such a good idea! And I think it does look like a fancy restaurant. Lol. I'm so glad you're posting on here so we can see what you guys are up to. We miss you guys a ton!!

Patsy said...

Wonderful Idea, Kristina! You are so clever and fun - great Mom

Kirsten said...

What a great idea... I will have to steal it for next year!!!