Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Princess turns 7!

Our little Kylie turned 7 on March 30th. We had a fun "cooking" birthday party for her. She invited 6 friends to come over and we had a blast making dinner and dessert. We made mini pizzas and cookie dough cupcakes. For fun, we made and decorated chef's hats out of poster board and tissue paper. My sister made the cutest aprons for the kids as a "thank you" gift. It was a busy 2 hours, but I think the kids had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday, Kylie! We are so happy she is in our family!!


Amanda said...

How cute! Looks like she had a great birthday!

Sylvia said...

This brings back some fun memories of your birthday parties. The aprons turned out great. Happy birthday Kylie!