Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swim Lessons 2011

Last week the older 3 kids finished up swim lessons. They each go for a half hour a day for 2 weeks. I saw great improvement in each of them. Bradley learned flip turns, Kylie learned how to float on her back and Ben learned how to swim with his face in the water! I'm proud of them and how much they learned. They each passed their level and have gotten a lot more comfortable in the water. Bradley has become such a proficient swimmer that I think he may be done with swim lessons and start taking diving lessons next year. Little Grant was so good for me while we were there and just ran around and played. He still has 2 more years until he gets to start swim lessons. Below are some pictures from the 2 Fridays of lessons. The first Friday, they got to show off some skills and the second Friday they get to go off the diving board and water slide.

Ben swimming
Kylie floating on her back

Bradley swimming

Ben smiling for the camera before jumping!

He did it!

Ben loved the water slide

Kylie in action

Bradley "walking" on water!

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