Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Card Group

I am going to try my hand at posting today, since Dan is usually the one to do it. Last night I hosted our card group at my house. There are eight of us that get together once a month and exchange cards based on a certain theme. This month was Mother's Day/Father's Day cards. We each bring 8 of the same card and exchange them. Mostly we just talk and eat dessert! It is really fun for me to have a hobby and get together with my girlfriends.

This is the card that I made this month.

These are all the cards made by members of the group.


Patsy said...

Hi Kristina,
Wow, you are talented and what fun to do with friends. When Dan was small we had a group of 6 who met for lunch once a week and exchanged lunch ideas and worked on projects for christmas - it was sooo fun.
Love, Mom W.

Kirsten said...

Hey!! I found you guys!! I had such a good time at the card party last night and thought the cards were great!!!
I had a blast at Jumpin' Jacks with the kids! We will have to do that again soon! I didn't see you leave! sorry!

Sylvia said...

The cards look great and I'm glad you had fun. Nothing more relaxing than a girl's night out, except maybe a nap :)

Tonya Adams said...

Kristina! Those are SO cute! That sounds like fun. I hope you're doing well. Your kids are all beautiful, as always, and you look great! I haven't seen you guys forever.

Jenni said...

Hi, this is Jenni from the card group. I found a link to your site from Kirsten's blog. I'm so glad you are in the group. It's been fun getting to know you better.