Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Zoo

We had nice weather Friday, so we decided to go to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. It was really crowded, but we still saw everything we wanted. We also stopped at the "This is The Place" monument since it is right across the street from the zoo. After the kids were sufficiently worn out, we ended the night with dinner at Applebee's. It was a fun end to Spring Break.Ben pointing out the black bear.Kristina and the kids on the "Zoofari" train ride. Checking out the elephants.


Janean said...

Hey Kristina, I found your blog through Jenni's. We exchanged blogs on Friday at the park and that is how I found yours. I hope you don't mind. It looks like your guys did alot of fun things for spring break! It's too bad it is over now, we just need summer to come.

Kirsten said...

Hey looks like you had fun at the zoo! Ben is so cute!! I was cracking up at him in nursery today! As long as I threatened to hold him he wouldn't cry!!! haha!! He really did enjoy himself and had fun, especially singing time! He likes me... he is doesn't want to admit it! ha!
p.s. Back to school!!! hurray!!!

Patsy said...

Dan and Kristina,
Love the family picture!! and all the cute ones of the children. Thanks for sharing with us all your fun and activities - Wow that was a very fast 9 years.
Love, Mom W.

Fred & Charlene said...

The zoo and the dinasoor world look so fun. Bradley, Kylie, and Ben had a great time.
What gorgious home-made cards, Kristina. I wish you were here to give us some demonstrations.
Dan, that was a wonderful reward for your weight loss.
You and Kristina are very special parents and you and the children are a beautiful family.
Love to each of you, Grandma and Grandpa Stone