Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Card Group

This is the card I made for card group. The theme was "kid birthday". Everyone had such cute cards and we ate the best cheesecake at Andrea's house! We have already planned a trip to Cheesecake Factory for November. That's a long time for my mouth to water! I love this group and I'm sad we won't meet again until September.


Amanda said...

That is ADORABLE! You know my b-day is right around the corner. J/k
Anyway, I love cheesecake factory! It is so fun to get together with the ladies...have adult conversation.

malpat said...

Dad loved his card from you all. It was so cute and original! Great gift

Kirsten said...

I love our card group!!! And I loved your card!!! Actually I loved both you made!! haha!

Fred & Charlene said...

Your cards are so attractive!!
Beautiful color combinations!!
You are very creative, Kristina.