Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Girl

Today is Kristina's birthday and we were able to share that with Matt & Allysa, Melissa & Taylor, and Brian & Amanda. Matt and Alyssa cooked up a nice pesto chicken dish and some homemade oreos. Everything was great and we had a nice time.

Last night we went out for her birthday up to Sundance with our friends the Boxxes and the Petersons. We ate at the Foundry Grill, which was tasty, and the atmosphere was great. We had a nice relaxing evening, but forgot to bring the camera. Oh well, it was still a nice night.

Kristina is a great wife and mother, the kids and I are truly blessed to have her.

The birthday girl

Matt and Alyssa, the chefs

Melissa, Taylor, Amanda, and Brian, enjoying dinner.The two divas, Melissa and Kylie, posing for the camera.


Tolley Family said...

Hope you had a great Birthday Kristina!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fun evening. Happy Birthday Kristina. Hope to see you guys this month sometime.

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday, Kristina!! We called, but you were out for your birthday I'm sure! You are a blessing in our lives!
Love, Mom W.

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Kristina. It sounds like you guys had tons of fun celebrating (as you should on your birthday).

Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry I am such a bad sister to not call you, please forgive me. I guess I should call Val too? :)
Anyway, I love the picture of you taking the picture and you can see the reflection in the mirror. I agree with Dan, you are such a wonderful and talented mommy!!!! I am glad you could get out and have fun.

Sorry for the novel!

Dani said...

Happy Birthday! I should have told you at church. Looks like you had a great day!

Kristy said...


Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday! We had a great time up at sundance on Sat with you guys! We should go again some time but I will be getting something else!! ;)

Kirsten said...

Dan I can't believe you blog. Are you becoming into a metro man now? Guess who this is?