Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bryce Canyon, the Boxxes and a bazillion pictures

This past weekend we went camping in southern Utah. We had a blast with our friends the Boxxes in Bryce Canyon. What a beautiful place! We had never been there and it was so great. The weather was perfect although the mornings were a little chilly. We stayed in these cute little cabins that had nothing more than a bunkbed and a table. It did help that it had electricity and a heater so we were very comfortable. We spent all Saturday touring the park and hiking in the canyon. The hike was gorgeous and going down I thought it was really fun. The way back up was a different story. I thought they would have to send an ambulance down to get me.:) The kids were laughing at me because they were practically running up the mountain. Oh youth! Here are some pictures from our trip:

The kids slept on the top, while Dan and I took the bottom bunk

The Boxxes made some great omelets the first morning!

The park had a free bus that took us to all the sights. The kids loved this part.

There were so many gorgeous views

This huge tree is actually on some of the postcards we bought.

This tunnel was on the way down, which is why Im still smiling!

The Guys

I think the kids got a little tired of posing for pictures

Taking a little break

Great view!

This picture is great, but I was scared to death because we were on the edge of a cliff with no fence.

Relaxing by the fire that night. We made smores and Jarom made peach cobbler. Camping is definitely not diet-friendly!

Right across from our campground there was a place called "Old Bryce Town". It was just a row of a few little shops, but the kids loved exploring it. I found a few little things there myself.

Silly boys (Bradley and Peyton)

Bradley and Kylie loved this cutout

Ben had a great time riding the "horsey"

Our campground had this great store with anything we might need.

The kids all got Bryce Canyon shirts to pose in.

The whole gang

(Jarom, Kirsten, Peyton, Logan, Kylie, Kristina, Dan, Ben and Bradley)

On our way out of town the boys thought that this "Restrooms or Bust" sign was hilarious.


The Checketts' Chatterbox said...

Holy cow that looks like it was a way fun trip! Seriously I want to go where you guys go! So next time I need a vacation idea I'm calling you! Hey we should get together...if not for fun than for Visiting teaching! Thanks again for giving your brother my name so I could get some busniess going! I hope they liked the pictures. Thanks again!

Patsy said...

What a terrific trip and how fun it must have been. Welove all the great pictures of you all!!
Congrats too. We love you

Fred & Charlene said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!!of family and
That cute cabin reminded us of the
one we stayed in while touring
Yellowstone Park.

Amanda said...

You are an official blogger...I am proud of you taking a bazillion pictures...and they are cute!

Dani said...

How fun! That looks like you had such a great time. Sometimes trips with friends are the best...

the lunch lady said...

fun pictures!

Kirsten said...

We had so much fun with you guys!! We are definitely doing that again!! Next year for sure!