Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The World according to Kylie

Kylie says the most random things and they always make me laugh. I just want to write them somewhere so I don't forget.

Today she told me there are 5 "worlds" which she listed on her fingers:
1. Paris
2. Utah
3. California
4. BYU
and it took her a minute to remember her 5th "world" and she said "Oh, yeah"
5. England (of course!)

She has a very well travelled aunt and dad and I love that she lists Paris first.


Sylvia said...

I count Paris as my first world too. Hopefully someday she and I can go there :)

The Eccles said...

Hey, I want to go too! That is SO cute, Paige wouldn't know of Paris or England.

malpat said...

What a little lady she is - a gorgeous one too! She will look like a fashion plate! Mom W.