Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jazz vs The Kings

With family in town for Thanksgiving, I got the company tickets to the Jazz game last Friday. We have 5 season tickets on the 7th row, so they're pretty nice seats (padded and all). Bradley and I went with Dad Phillippi, Matt, and his fiance Alyssa. It made it even better they were playing my team, the Kings, except for the Jazz beat them pretty badly. We all had a fun time, and Bradley even paid attention most of the time.

Bradley and I posing in our team gear

Grandpa and Brad in their matching Jazz hats

Brad got a little Jazz notepad and pen


So many blogs..too little time said...

That would have been a good game to go to. YAY for NorCal people:) I know, I read your Thanksgiving post and I could have copied and pasted it to mine. Thanks, I am 5 weeks behind you. I am due July 9th. Have you been sick?

Patsy said...

Sounds like you had a blast with Brad! What great memories!

Amanda said...

Dan, I am glad you were wearing Kings even though everyone was wearing Jazz...way to go not giving into peer pressure. Too bad they lost!