Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of 2nd Grade

This year 3 of our kids are in school, but they all start on a different day. Bradley started 2nd grade today and was very excited. We walked to school with my mom, who is in town for Education Week. Bradley looked a little nervous once he got to his class, but his teacher was so nice that I think he will be just fine. Ben has already asked me twice this morning where Bradley is and when he's coming home. Thankfully Ben starts preschool in 2 weeks and Kylie starts Kindergarten next Wednesday. Between the start of gymnastics yesterday and soccer practice tonight, we are definitely back in the swing of things for fall!

My big kid!
Bradley and his buddy, Peyton

With his new teacher

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Fred & Charlene said...

You look great in your new school clothes. Your teacher is young and very pretty. She is soooooo fortunate to have you as one of her students. You are special!!!