Friday, August 7, 2009

Swim Lessons

After 2 long weeks, swim lessons are finally over! Bradley and Kylie had swim lessons back to back so we were there for an hour, but it was nice for me because my friends' kids had lessons at the same time. It was great to have an hour a day of girl talk while the kids played and swam. Bradley and Kylie did really well. Bradley passed level 3 and Kylie passed level 2. They are both becoming really strong swimmers. Ben is ready for swim lessons next year and can hardly wait. Since today was their last day they got to jump off the diving board and go down the water slide. I was able to get a few good pictures of the day.

Bradley and his friend, Jacob

Bradley loves to do cannonballs

Showing me how he can tread water

Goofing around

Kylie posing for the camera

She loved going down the slide by herself

Getting ready to jump

Swimming to the edge with a little help from her teacher

I'm really not sure what Ben is doing
Grant was pretty unhappy and he was letting me know


Fred & Charlene said...

Adorable photos!!
How about those great young swimmers!!
Your park and pool look wonderful!!

Patsy said...

Wow! I am impressed at their skill at such a young age and how wonderful to have them water safe and having fun!!