Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

Anyone who lives in UT knows what a big deal July 24th is. For those of you who don't, the whole state pretty much shuts down. Spanish Fork celebrates with a parade, fireworks and the "Speedy Spaniard". This morning Dan ran the 10k and then ran the 1 mile fun run with Bradley and Kylie. It was so fun to the kids cross the finish line with big smiles! Dan did great in his race too. He finished in 49 minutes. Ben wants to do the mile run next year and I think he'll be able to. I'm so glad the kids like running at such a young age. Hopefully this will set good habits for the future.

We got there just in time to see Dan headed for the finish line
Dan with the kids just before their race

Bradley took off and ran a few minutes ahead of Dan and Kylie.
He was so excited!

Kylie loved hearing the crowd cheer as she ran down the home stretch!


Sylvia said...

Way to go speedy Spaniards!

The Eccles said...

That is really cute! Our kids are doing a fun run at Ty's next race too. Someday we will have to have all the kids together for a race.

Fred & Charlene said...

Great family event!! What a fantastic 4th ot July.
We loved your photos!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I love that Dan ran with Kylie... that's so adorable to me :)Happy Pioneer Day!

Kristy said... i'm impressed!!! I shold sign up the 1 mile run. That is more achievable for me!! lol. Your kids are so cute.

Austin Sheens said...

49 minutes for the 10k?! Geez, I've got a way to go, but congrats Dan! That's awesome!