Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Real Life

We just got back from a relaxing vacation with family in Northern CA. The kids flew out with my mom and stayed for a week before Dan and I came out. We blessed Grant and Dan went back to work while the kids and I stayed for another week. All in all, the kids spent 3 weeks on vacation and I was there for 2. It was such a relaxing couple of weeks. I got so much help with the baby and the kids had a blast. I need to catch up on all my blogging, but first I wanted to post a few random pictures of Grant.

He has such a strong neck
(He's only 3 weeks old here)

This is a picture of Grant on his first plane ride. He slept the entire time!

This picture is funny because sometimes he starts pulling his hair so hard that he starts crying and I have to pry his hand free. Not many babies have that problem!


Murphy Family said...

I Can NOT believe how much Hair Grant has. Lucky you to be on vacation for so long and lucky kids to be gone for 3 weeks!!!

Kirsten said...

That hair is so cute!! Love it! Glad you had fun on your vacation! Glad your back though!!

Amy said...

He's so cute! He looks a lot like Dan! I'm glad you had fun in CA!

Fred & Charlene said...

How we loved being with you on baby Grant's blessing day!! He is sooooooo precious!! Grant has fantastic strength. He is adorable!!