Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blessing Day

We decided to bless Grant in California because we love having an excuse to go there and because so much of our family is there. My dad is the Bishop of the Young Single Adult ward and so Grant became the first (and hopefully only) baby to be blessed in that ward. We had a lot of family come and we were so grateful to everyone that could be there. After the blessing we all went back to my parents house for a bbq. Everyone brought side dishes to share and it was all so delicious. Grant Matthew Weston was the star of the day!

We got some funky shadows from the tree!
This was only some of the group that was there. Some left before we got a picture.

The Hostess
(Thanks, Mom!)

We set up tables under the apple tree and it was very comfortable.

More family

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The Eccles said...

Um, just for the record...we were in the foyer on the opposite side. :o)
Thanks for having it in Cali, We loved coming and seeing Baby Grant and all the Family.