Sunday, December 13, 2009

New house pics

On Friday we had some friends over for a Christmas cookie exchange. I decided to take pictures of the house after I cleaned for the party so that I could post them. Just to give you an idea of the layout of our house: Upstairs are the 5 bedrooms, laundry room and kids bathroom. Downstairs - living room, kitchen/family room great room, 1/2 bath.

The Christmas tree in the living room
The family room
(Normally all of the kitchen chairs are not there, it was set up for the party)

(The refreshments were set out)
Master bedroom

Guest/toy room
The boys room
(This room is HUGE! It has a great bay window and window seat as well!)

Lots of windows and space

Grants room

Kylie's room

The mural in Kylie's room
(These are just stickers!)


Sylvia said...

Everything looks beautiful. Just one minor complaint...the guest/toy room is really the grandparents room :)

Patsy said...

It's awonderful family home and beautifully done!! Can't wait to see it in person and perhaps spend the night in he "grandparents" room.

Fred & Charlene said...

Your home is lovely and beautifully decorated. You will really enjoy the extra space.

We are so happy for you!!

momtherunner said...


Cheree said...

I love, love, love your house. We are so sad that we had to miss the cookie exchange, but heard it was so much fun.

Stacey said...

I was looking through old emails for addresses and found your blog link. We got your cute Christmas card. Your blog is adorable! Your kids are adorable! I am so jealous of your new home!! Yeah!! I can't wait, one day. It looks like you guys are doing well happy. Our letter is coming. You are so stylish and creative Kristina, yet you always were. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your house!!!