Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This week it felt like the kids wore their costumes for some event (school, dance, piano) almost every day. Ben got to wear his dragon costume to preschool for a parade and trunk or treat with the parents. Kylie wore her 'fancy witch' costume to dance and then again to school on Thursday for a Halloween parade. Bradley was a ninja and wore his costume to school and had a Halloween piano recital on Saturday. Grant was a skunk because he is definitely our 'lil stinker'! Dan dressed up for work as Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, complete with a dyed black beard. On Saturday we went to our wards trunk or treat, but ended up in the cultural hall because of rain. The rain cleared later that night and we went trick or treating with some friends around the neighborhood. It was a really fun week, but I am "Halloweened" out!! (The last couple pictures are of Ben and Grant playing with Dan's mullet wig!)

Ben's preschool class

Bradley and Kylie ready for school
Bradley and his friend Peyton in the school parade
Kylie in the school parade
"Fear the Beard"

Bradley at his piano recital

Dan and our little stinker!
The cutest trick or treaters!

Grant and Ben pretending to be rock stars

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Fred & Charlene said...

You had an awesome week of halloween events. Bradley, Kylie, Ben and Grant were soooo adorable in their costumes.

Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos.