Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bradley's busy month

The month of February was pretty busy for Bradley. We signed him up for Little Hoopsters which is just an introduction to basketball for kids in the 1st and 2nd grades. He was pretty excited because he got new basketball shoes and shirt. His dribbling needs some work, but he was pretty good at stealing the ball and taking it to the basket. In just a few short weeks, he was definitely showing some improvement. He is not the most aggressive kid, but he is always willing to try a new sport and so far wants to do them all!

Taking a shot

At the end of the month all the boys turning 8 this year were invited to the Blue and Gold Banquet for the cub scouts. Being in the primary presidency, I spent a lot of time on this and was glad that Bradley could come and see what scouts is all about. The theme was chinese new year and we had a lady from the ward come teach the boys some karate moves. It was a really fun night.
The tables with all the chinese decorations

Bradley in the back row learning karate moves

Listening to the teacher


Sylvia said...

Bradley, you are growing up so fast! You'll have to teach me some of those karate moves :) Way to go with's in your genes.

The Eccles said...

That is a good idea...having the soon to be 8 year olds at the blue and Gold. I will have to remember that one for next year! We had Chinese New Year as our theme last was the year of the rats...nasty!

Fred & Charlene said...

Way to go, Bradley!!!
You are great!!!

Troy and Sarah said...

Wasn't that blue and gold banquet fun? I'm bummed that they have to wait 8 or so mos. before they can go all the time. Oh well. Such is life. :)

Patsy said...

What a great opportunity, Bradley! Both sides of the family love basketball ~ Enjoy your experiences!