Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Spring Tease!

On Friday the kids had a day off of school so we decided to take a lunch to the park. The weather was perfect, about 70+ degrees. Bradley even complained of being hot. I got so excited about Spring being here that I rushed out that night and bought all the kids some new flip flops and shorts. I had heard that the weather would change this weekend, but I chose not to believe it. Well, the jokes on me because its getting colder and even supposed to snow tomorrow. Mother nature can be so cruel!

Bradley and Kylie took turns pushing Ben on the swing.

Kylie loved riding Bradley's scooter on the paths

Ben laid on the grass because he said he was tired after eating lunch. He told me he needed "a little rest"


Jenni said...

I love warm weather.....why is it snowing this morning?

Kirsten said...

Love the pic of ben "relaxing"! so cute! Why oh why is mother nature doing this to us!!!!!!

The Eccles said...

What cute kids...sorry the weather is not cooperating! You could move to California, it is beautiful out here :)

momtherunner said...

I think Spring is confused! Who invited the snow back?? Not me!!