Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Thankfully there is not much to say! This pregnancy has been very uneventful and I am very grateful. We have decided to name him Grant and I don't think we could change it even if we wanted to. The kids all call him baby Grant (or Baby Gwant as Ben says). I just went to my 28 week appt. yesterday and he is growing well and moving like crazy. Its hard to believe that I am already in my 3rd trimester. Dan has been so great and supportive during this whole thing. I don't give him nearly enough credit. He often makes or helps me make dinner and then cleans the kitchen every night before bed! It has really made my life so much easier. Anyway no belly pics or anything because I try to avoid the camera at all costs!


Patsy said...

Love the name Grant! and Kris you always look great. Glad that Dan is helping so much - you are a great team. Pictures of Kylie are soo cute. Miss you All

The Duvall Family said...

I love the name you have picked out. Isn't it nice to have such a supportive and helpful husband:)