Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wedding

My youngest sister, Melissa, was just married in the Newport Beach, CA Temple and her wedding capped off a really fun week with family. There were so many great moments that day, but I think the best part was that all five of the kids in my family were in the temple with their spouses. Surprisingly, we were all married in order (oldest to youngest) and because she was the youngest we were all there. None of us took for granted that day what a blessing that is! The sealing was amazing and there was such a great spirit there. Below are some pictures of the day. The day before the wedding we did a dry run with the kids to make sure everything was ironed and fit well and its a good thing we did because it took us about 2 hours to get ready and take some pictures.

The dry run
(I think they look great!)

Family picture at the Temple
Ben was not too happy...

So he laid down to rest!

He did perk up at the reception when he got a cupcake

The new Taylor and Melissa King

Kylie looks mad, but she was really excited to have her own bouquet!

My parents with Taylor and Melissa

Melissa with all the grandkids

My siblings
(Brian, Amy, Taylor and Melissa, Me and Matt)


TamBaum said...

I guess I never knew you had two sisters. Just thought there was Amy. I love her dress!

The Eccles said...

I love how Ben is holding batman in the pictures! How awesome to have all the Family together in the Temple.

Sylvia said...

I love how you put the picturess together, I will always have great memories of that day. Your family pictures are beautiful. I can't wait until we see the ones the photographer took.